Hungry Harriet: The best (independent) January offers in Liverpool

Okay here’s the thing: last night my other half and I booked a spontaneous mid-year trip where we’ll be spending half the week in Iceland’s stunning Reykjavik and the other half in New York City. Here’s the other thing: we bloody love eating out – in fact sadly, it’s probably our main hobby. So do you see my problem? With Icelandic krona to account for and dollar$ to factor into the equation, we’re going to have to start being a little bit more frugal about our food-based activities over the next few weeks.

Beans on toast would definitely get old fast in our house so I’ve done some digging around the old tinterweb and found some of the best January offers the Liverpool food and drink scene has to offer. These aren’t just any old eateries or watering holes though, these are some of the city’s most treasured independent venues. I do like to snap up any chance I get to shout about local and/or small businesses. So now I’ve done your homework for you, all that’s left to do is don your eating pants, loosen the top button and chow down.

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