Slim’s Pork Chop Express Go Vegan.

Our Seel Street Smokehouse has diversified its popular American BBQ-inspired menu with a series of mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as a brand-new weekend brunch selection.

Famed for its hearty smoked meats and sharing dishes, Slim’s Pork Chop Express has just become a vegan and veggie-friendly retreat, thanks to a diversified menu, which now includes a weekend brunch section.

Meat-free guests can now enjoy vegan treats, such as a Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger with a fig and jam coleslaw, ‘Tofu Bites’, or ‘Lo Pan Fries’ – salt and pepper Siu Mai house fries with curry sauce, spring onions and red chilli, topped with char sui and sriracha.

For vegetarians, there are several new options to get excited about, including delicious breakfast waffles with berries and yoghurt and ‘The Veggie Works’ – grilled halloumi, veggie sausage, BBQ beans, egg, tomato and toast.

We want to encourage a relaxed, inclusive environment for all of our guests – all our items are served on trays and come in the middle of the table to promote a social dining experience for everybody. Making sure our meat-free mates could enjoy the food and atmosphere had to be next on our agenda!

 Slim’s Pork Chop Express is open Wednesday-Friday from 5pm-late and from 10am on Saturdays and Sundays, with brunch served 10am-4pm.

Visit to check out the new menu.